Welcome to my Blog!

I am so excited for this season of my life!

I am teaching. I am working in my new photography business, and I am starting this blog to share meaningful content with my readers.

Today is simple though.

T H E W H Y.

Why start a new business? Why photography at that?

It all goes back to this photo for me. This is my guy, Payden. He is a real life prince. In 2019, he got diagnosed with cancer.  It was such a hard time.  Through all the treatments, hair loss, and sleepless nights, I looked back on this photo. Someone took this picture of us at a wedding before his treatments started, and I kept this picture as the background on my phone for so long. Looking at this photo eased my mind and reminded me to stay strong in hope and prayer.

How does this relate to my own photography business?

I want to give your family these photos.  I would never wish sickness or tragedy on anyone. Each day is a chance to be thankful for all the blessings in our lives.

In good times and bad, photos of your family can bring such strength and grounding to your life.  I would love to give you pictures of your people as a keepsake through the years!  

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Jess ❤️

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