What should we wear?

So many of my clients ask me that ever famous questions in the photography world…

“What should I wear?!?”

First of all, thank you for asking! Thinking critically about your outfit for your photos is the first step to loving the way your pictures look.

Photos have a timeless aspect to them, so my advice is always to wear something dressy, neutral, and something that feels like YOU.

Couples: Gentlemen, you can never go wrong with slacks and a button down. Ladies, yours is the fun one! I recommend picking two dresses for your session. One long, neutral colored maxi dress, and one short dressy cocktail dress. The two different looks add so much variety to your photos! Check out this Engagement Session Pinterest board to get some inspiration for your session.

Georgie and Joey Nailed their outfits! ❤️

Families: I know you have a lot of people to dress! Family session are definitely the most complex to choose outfits and plan! Here is a Family Session Pinterest board that will help you think about what you could choose for each of your loved ones. Most families choose a family of colors and dress everyone in those colors.

The sweet Grace Family💕

Maternity: Can I just say, maternity sessions are some of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES. I am planning a few more blog posts about maternity sessions so be on the lookout for those! Here is a Family Maternity Session Pinterest Board for those of you who bring your older children to your maternity session, and heres a Couples Maternity Session Style Pinterest Board for those of you who do the session with your sweetie.

Also shout out to Erin and Johnny and their GORGEOUS little family:) ❤️

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  1. […] 4. Pick your outfit accordingly. While I LOVE the dreamy sessions in formal clothes and long dresses, these can make sessions with your pup extra difficult! Some of my clients actually bring a set of more casual clothes for the shots with their dogs! Be aware of your outfits as you plan to avoid a little paw print on your formal dress! 🙂 If you need idea on choosing outfits for your session, check out this past blog post for tips! […]

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