Posed or Candid?

If you’ve ever tried to book a photographer, you’ve noticed that everyone is different.

We all have different editing styles.

We all have different favorite locations.

We all have different business structures and reasons for starting a business.

And we all have different posing systems.

One of my Gorgeous couples Gerogie and Joey in a posed shot.

All photographers have different strengths. Some are really good and camera settings, others strong in posing. Your experience with your photographer and the images in your final gallery will be impact by thier natural strengths.

So when you are in a session, should you expect more posed, formal photographs, or natural and candid shots?

The short answer: both!!

The long answer: both. I can’t speak for the whole photographer community, but I will tell you what to expect when working with me!

Depending on the session , there are moments that naturally lend themselves to formal (all people in the shot posed, looking directly at the camera) or candid shots. I tend to give my clients a lot of direction during their session to help them look their best. I’ll give basic posing directions then, tweak with all the tricks of the trade I learned in Amy and Jordan Demos posing class! As Jordan says in the class (at least, I think I remember him saying this in the class lol), the camera doesn’t add 10 pounds, the photographer does.

One mark of a good photographer is a wide variety of shots in your final gallery. I make sure I balance walking and standing shots, sitting shots, close up shots, environment shots, shots where you are looking at the camera, and more candid and natural shots. I want you to look in your gallery and see a high variety of pictures.

One thing to remember as well is that the candid shots are usually still posed. You know that cute shot of the bride and the bridesmaids laughing on the wedding day? Well, as you look, you see all of them enjoying the day. In the moment, I would say, “Okay you all look so good, turn to the bride and laugh! ah yes, okay lean forward! make space between your arms and our body! Point your chin to the ground! great!” All the little tips I give at your session will help you look your best. As I learned in my class, the posing may feel weird, but it will photograph really well!!!

Georgie and Joey in a candid moment, but with a few posing tips. They were PROS at this. 🙂

When you book a session with me, my goals are to make you look your best, have fun, give you great variety of pictures, and delivery high quality images! I hope to see you at a session soon!!! 🙂


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