How to Choose a location

I love to connect with couples and families about their session. After booking, we will talk through wardrobe and your vision for your photos! One of the most important things we talk about before your session is your session location.

Come couples and families choose a sentimental spot for their pictures. These include coffee shops, date night spots, or the place they first met (technically that would Payden and I at the Ft. Lauderdale airport lol).

Other couples choose a pretty location they’ve been scouting for their session. These can include a garden, park, or bug green space in your city.

Sometimes these can combine! Sessions have been in my clients’ backyards. Generally, I suggest places with even lighting and a pretty background!

Here are a few details about the locations from some of my favorite shoots!

Ashley and Sean at UNCC Botanical Garden
Erin and Johnny in her parents’ backyard
Brittanie on a parking deck in Downtown Durham
Baby B in his backyard
Little M on the side of a country road at sunset
Georgie and Joey in a public park in Belmont

Hopefully seeing a few of these shots will help you decide where to do your location! In the next month, I will be shooting on Lake Norman and in Southport, so I can’t wait to show you more session and locations soon!!!

Book a session today and let’s start planning!!


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