Sessions with your Dog

Okay, who doesn’t love a furbaby?

Dog are such an integral part of our lives and most people don’t consider bringing their pets to a session. People who see your pet as an extension of the family, I am talking to you! Bring that baby to your session!! Here are a few pointers as you prepare to bring your dog to a session.

  1. Keep the temperature in mind. Overly hot or cold days will not doubt have an effect on your final images. Make sure to schedule your session on a day where your dog will be comfortable taking pictures!

2. Take a long walk before your session. Dogs with a ton of energy are generally more distracted by the environment around them. At a public park, there can be a lot of distractions like other people, kids on bikes, bunnies, and birds. Obviously, you know your dog, so plan accordingly! A few of my clients have taken their pup to doggie daycare the day/morning before so they come to the session pooped!

3. Be aware of crowded locations. Crowds can add a new level of noise and difficulty to sessions, so please use your discretion and knowledge of how many distractions your pup can handle as you consider locations! If you are set on doing your shoot at a crowded location (like Central Park, for example) Consider doing it on a weeknight or at sunrise to avoid crowds. Check out my previous blog post to help you choose a great location for your photos!

4. Pick your outfit accordingly. While I LOVE the dreamy sessions in formal clothes and long dresses, these can make sessions with your pup extra difficult! Some of my clients actually bring a set of more casual clothes for the shots with their dogs! Be aware of your outfits as you plan to avoid a little paw print on your formal dress! 🙂 If you need idea on choosing outfits for your session, check out this past blog post for tips!

5. Bring an extra person if you can! Having another person at your session ban be a lifesaver if you’re planning to bring your pup. As I focus on getting great shots of you and your family, you and your sweetie are focused on smiling and looking your best. Your extra person (friend, neighbor, cousin, etc) can stand behind me, waving your dog’s favorite treat, holding a treat, and calling your dog’s name! This helps us get great shots of your dog looking directly at the camera and “dog smiling.” I love when they do the dog smile!

6. Bring your dogs favorite treats in toys. These are so helpful for rewards and getting your dogs attention! They help us get those classic shots of your pet looking at the camera!

7. Bring water. Keep the pups happy and hydrated during our session!

8. Be patient. When doing sessions with adults or families, I typically move through poses at a steady pace! My clients are the best and love to try new poses and get those classic, timeless shots! Pups add a new element of surprise to your session! It is okay if they don’t look at the camera and need a few minutes to settle in and get comfortable. Its okay if they need to take a break and walk around! Snack and water breaks are also fine! Just focus on relaxing and having fun!

Email me at if you have any questions and let’s get your session on the calendar! 🙂


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