Hello 2021!

First of all, Happy New Year! I hope and pray that this year holds so many special blessings for my clients! I have the most amazing clients ever and I hope that 2021 holds a session for us so we can add you to the Jess Bundy Photography Family!

But, as we close 2020 (Thank heavens lol) and welcome 2021, I have been reflecting on some goals for my business!!

Do any of you do a word of the year? I gave up on writing new years resolutions a while ago. They just made me feel bad when I broke them! I would start soooo strong but then fade out around March. TBH most of those resolutions involved dieting, which I am not great at anyways. Anyone else?

So the word of the year was my way of having a more grace for myself to improve. I pray about and chose a word of the year for my personal life, but I also choose one for my business! This year I actually have two! I’d love to share them with you!!

  1. Consistency: I am one of those people who works in bursts. When I get an idea or have a goal and a deadline, I will work for hours on end. But, I really have to manage myself to sit down and do the bookkeeping, marketing, and record keeping aspects of my business. In 2021, I am striving for consistency in day to day business processes and in marketing!!

2. Client Experience: One of my biggest overall goals for my business is to have an amazing client experience. I want to treat my clients like dear friend and I hope that each of my clients have THE BEST experience with me! I strive for the highest level of professionalism, warmth, and kindness in my business. I hope that each of my clients love their photos, leave the session feeling beautiful (or handsome for the fellas), and actually enjoy getting their photos done! I want every client to have an amazing experience with Jess Bundy Photography❤️

Feeling brand new like Baby J going into 2021

What are your resolutions, goals, or words for 2021? I can’t wait to see you for your session soon!!

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