What to look for in a wedding venue: Brides edition

Hello Brides! Today we are talking about the ever important VENUE!! First planning tip, the venue should be one of the first things you book! Venue, photographer, and wedding typically book the farthest in advance, so here are a few things to look for in a wedding venue!

HOT TAKE: There is no right or wrong wedding venue. If there is a place you and your hunny absolutely LOVE and can visualize as your wedding day venue, then a great team of vendors can bring your vision to life!! A beautiful wedding can happen anywhere: Grandma’s backyard, a forest, a traditional event space, a cave, ha really wherever! Anywhere full of love is a great place for a wedding:)

But, if you are looking for a photographer’s perspective on the important aspects of a possible venue, this blog is for you!! As soon as I step into a venue space, I see the final images. One venue I LOVE is Serre Vineyards in Mt. Airy, NC! These images from Serre will highlight some of the things to look for in a potential venue, and consider Serre if you are still looking for the perfect place!!

  • A place you love- Obviously, you must love the space where you are planning to get married!! Go visit your venue and meet some of your vendor team!
  • Light- Photos NEEEDDDD light. Bright venues are your best friend!!
  • Neutral or light paint inside- Not every church fits this description, which is fine! But especially for getting ready spaces and receptions, you will want light colored paint on the walls and celling. A place with say, burgundy walls, will reflect onto your face in your pictures. Light walls really let you and the people you love shine!!
  • Rain backup plan- No one can predict weather on a wedding day! Your venue should have a space that can hold your ceremony and reception indoors if weather won’t allow outdoor plans. The backup plan doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to exist!!
  • Windows- Windows are crucial to make indoor spaces look natural. On your venue tours, always ask to see the getting ready space! These are usually the wildcard at venues. They may be bright beautiful rooms with wall to wall mirrors and outlets, orrrrrrr they may be small rooms with one overhead light and no windows. Especially look for windows and bright space here!
  • Turnover plan/ adequate space- Every venue needs a plan to turnover the space! Ask how your venue will transition from your ceremony to cocktail hour to your reception.
  • Pretty views- All your wedding day photos will hopefully not happen inside! I love natural spaces and natural views, so consider what background you’d like in your photos!
  • Adequate parking- You’ll want to ask about parking when you go on the venue tour. Does your venue have enough parking for all your guests? Is the parking close enough for older guests to walk? If not how will you move them around? The goal is parking to be close enough to be convenient, but not so close there are cars in the back of your wedding photos.

And I really want to highlight the beautiful venue in all these photos- Serre Vineyards! It is class, clean, bright, and a perfect location for your wedding. Reach on on their website to book a tour or appointment. And, it’s a great place for a girl’s wine day to relax and daydream about your wedding! It also has all of the things I look for, as a photographer, in a wedding venue!

Can’t wait to take your wedding photos!


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