My Photographer Bucket List

As a photographer, I am always growing! I keep learning, all to serve my clients well! But, today I wanted to take some time and let you into my brain- and share my bucket list as a photographer!

These are the sessions, the shots, and the events I would love to take over the course of my photography career! What items are on your professional business?

  1. Surprise Proposal– I would love to photograph a surprise proposal! These seem so fun. I know they will be high pressure (Gotta GET. THE. SHOT.), but the images after are going to be sooooooo worth it. And, imagine how much my clients will be able to cherish the images of their proposal forever! So fellas, please contact me on my website if you’re PLANNING SOMETHING BIG!!!!
  2. Proposal at Disney– Something about that shot in front of Cinderella’s castle- I want to get this shot for someone!
  3. Wedding @ Sandals Montego Bay Jamaica– Okay I am looking for a couple who are super in love and also would like to have a destination wedding! Did you know that at the Sandals Resort in Montego Bay Jamaica has a chapel over the water?!? And it has a glass floor!! Could you imagine how pretty it would be for a sunset wedding!!!!???
  4. Bride getting into a New York Cab– I shoot very colorful and warm photos and I can already see this shot setting up in my head! Can you just imagine a chic bride, a bright yellow cab, and a big white dress- all in the same frame? I can’t wait for this.
  5. Sunset Engagement Session at Horseshoe Bend – Something about the red environment and cliffs and an amazing couple?! Yes, please.
  6. Key West Wedding– I personally love Key West. I love key lime pie. I love the ocean. I love palm trees and vibrant sunsets. I also love coconuts. Key West is such a playground and to be there, serving a wedding couple that I adore by capturing their special day in such a special place! What a dream!!
  7. Biltmore Estate Wedding– Have you ever been to the Biltmore estate in Asheville, NC? It is stunning. I love to go there and explore. When I was younger, I dreamed about having my own wedding there! I would love to shoot a Biltmore wedding!! Are you considering having your wedding here? It looks like a castle!
  8. Proposal in Paris– Okay I don’t even think I really need to explain this one! I remember when I first began dreaming about this photography business of mine, I remember thinking ‘I’ll know I’ve made when it when clients fly me to Paris for their proposal!’
  9. Wedding with Lanterns– Something about those lanterns is magical. A wedding, a couple in love, and lanterns in the background- now that is the shot!!
  10. Lake Como Wedding– Something about shooting in Italy for a wedding by a magical lake- OMG. Wedding clients- anyone still need a venue or a destination??? 🙂

Thanks for reading!! If you want to help me cross any of these off my list, let me know😍😍 Also, thanks to my photographer friend @times_treasured_ studios for these branding shots! I rarely get images of myself!


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