I am so glad you are here. You work so hard for everyone else, and I want to make sure that at least one of those pics on your phone actually has YOU in it. As a mom, I know you love to sit up scrolling at night of all the photos of your babies you keep on your phone. Let’s make sure that when your kids group up and start looking at photos of the family, they have some that show YOU, their mom, in each season and stage of their life.

I’d love to give you these shots. Let’s take them, a lot of them, and treasure them for years to come. At a session with me, I make sure to get shots of the whole family, breakout sessions of each parent and kids, and some of just the kiddos. Now, let’s start planning the fun stuff:)

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Family Sessions

from $475

30 Minute Session
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One Location
30 Edited Images
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All sessions must take place in New Hanover County, NC or Brunswick County, NC. Otherwise travels fees will apply.

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1 Hour Session
2 Outfits
2 Locations (within 10 miles of each other)
50 Edited Images
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Add an album from your session for $580

All sessions must take place in New Hanover County, NC or Brunswick County, NC. Otherwise travels fees will apply.


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Photo sessions can be tricky with kids, but I used to be a first grade teacher, so I got you mama! I make sure we limit as many variables as possible to get those over-the-mantle worthy shots! In my experience, following the tips below lead to the best sessions:)

How to get the most out of your Family Session

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Tips for Your Session


Make sure the kiddos have had a nap and a snack before our session! Bringing water and snacks to the session in case the littles get hangry is always a great way to help make sure we can make the most of our session time.


Talk about the photo session for the week before! This can sound like “On Saturday we go to the beach to see Jess!” “She is going to take our pictures!” “Grandma wants a picture of you soon!” “We are wearing our nice clothes to the beach on Saturday, does that sound like fun?”

Make plans to bring a familiar and trusted adult with you! This could be an aunt, a babysitter, or grandma. Having another person there will make sure someone can stand with me to get the kids to look at the camera. This is easily the Most Important tip I can give you! 


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Tips for Your Session


Choose outfits that go in the same color palette! I always recommend solid neutrals, button down for dad, and a flowy dress for mom. These always look GREAT on camera! 


Bribe the kids. I know your parenting is much more advanced than this though ;)

Manage your expectations of your time with me. I was a first grade teacher, so I get meltdowns. I get kids’ attention span. I get needing a break. Trust me with the flow of the session and don’t expect your kids to be perfect the whole time! It’s okay and I got you! :)


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