Maternity Sessions 101

I am sure that we are all thankful for our mothers this week. Whether your mom celebrates Thanksgiving here or in Heaven, I am sure you hold a special place for her in your heart.

This week’s blog is dedicated to moms- expecting moms!

As a photographer, maternity sessions are some of my favorites. Pregnancy is such an exciting time for each couple and I love to capture those special moments between loved ones before baby arrives.

Some tips to make sure your session is perfect:

  1. Book your photographer early! Photographers book quickly when the weather is warm, so make sure you book early to get a good date for your photos!
  2. Book your session when you are about 30 weeks. This ensures that you are mostly comfortable but also obviously pregnant! Anything earlier than 30 weeks, we run the risk of you just “looking big” and too late, well, we run the risk of baby coming first!
  3. Order a dress that makes you feel beautiful! Maternity gowns are SO FUN to shop for and really take your final images up a notch! Some of my clients choose to get multiple dresses, just to add variety to their final gallery of images!
  4. Dress your partner in neutral colors! White, navy, black, gray, and tan are all safe choices for your partner’s look.
  5. Match casual/ formal with your partner! Imagine ordering the most beautiful maternity gown ever, then your partner shows up in gym clothes. Or you dress in a summer sundress and your partner wears a three piece tux? When in doubt, dress formal! More formal clothes (maxi dresses, suits, etc.) photograph much better than casual clothing.

I can’t wait for your session!! 🙂

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