Photographer Education (and why it matters)

No one is born knowing how to operate a DSLR camera. Just like no one is born knowing how to teach, analyze stocks, or anything else that makes a living!

Photography packages, for portraits or weddings, are big investments. The pictures and experience you buy will stay with your family a long time. So it is important that photographers know their stuff!!

When you inquire with a photographer, ask them about their photographer journey! How long they’ve been shooting and where they learned to shoot will have an impact on your final photos! Of course there is a lot of great content on Youtube, but courses, programs, and classes are more comprehensive and consistent that watching videos from a ton of different photographers on Youtube.

Back in 2019, my friend Alex suggested a photography course online. Taught by Amy and Jordan Demos, two experienced wedding photographers in Arizona, this class changed my life. Without it, I would have never gotten into this business. I took all three of their classes, the Posing Course, Business Course, and the Shooting and Editing Course. You can check out their courses online here!

The things I learned from Amy and Jordan are so foundational to my business and I can’t wait for you to benefit from everything I learned in these classes in your session!! Ultimately, I look at investments in education and my business as investments in my future clients! YOU benefit from all the courses I have taken, so let’s get you on the calendar today!!

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